Guest Day Prices

The cost for the day necessarily reflects the high quality of service and enjoyment provided to our guests.  The day starts around 9.15am and concludes at approximately 5.30pm with a suitable break for lunch. The cost includes all meals, refreshments, ammunition, target and marker charges, insurance and temporary memberships, use of firearms and all other facilities.  An evening function can also be arranged together with accommodation and for this there would be of course be an additional charge.

All inclusive cost per person is from as little as £305 – £350 but depends on disciplines requested and available.

Please note that bookings for less than 24 guests will probably be combined with another smaller group on a mutually suitable date that is available. 

If you require an exclusive booking for between 12 and 24, there is a minimum charge. This is usually set at the charge for 24 persons but would then benefit from extra coaching staff and extra shooting.

It is usual to complete a minimum of 4 disciplines and extra disciplines may be possible in a day depending on which are chosen. Variations of this standard programme are possible and may require a special quotation.

For further details or to discuss any options
please write to:-
Chris Hockley (Wg Cdr. Retd.)
TRC Hospitality Day Coordinator
RAF Clubhouse, Bisley
Brookwood, Surrey
GU24 0NY


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