South Africa 2015.

bloem01opThe Club has bid for and expects to receive funding from the Sports Board (SB) for a team of 6 to South Africa in April 2015.  This funding is only for serving members though and for those who have a minimum of 3 Lottery tickets.  The actual shooting dates are 10th- 18th April inclusive.  Main costs, assuming the Sports Board grant and based on costs in 2014, will be:  Accommodation (single room) £250, transport £200, entry fees £250 and flights are about £650 depending on catching the Virgin sale.  Ammunition will be Club RUAG taken from UK.  The SB grant of £500 can be offset against these costs of course.  There may even be a small grant from the Club as well, but this may depend on the take up from the members.

Anyone seriously interested is requested to e-mail Chris Hockley, Neil Moxon and Karen Robertson as soon as possible.

A small amount saved each month would also be a good idea to defray the tour costs and we have a bank account set up just for the tour.


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