Out of Hibernation and Shooting Again

Paul Newman ‘Blowing out the Cobwebs’ 10 July 2020

Following on from shooting practice sessions organised by individual club members on Thursday (pm) and Friday (am) the Club held its first official shoot of the year.

Fifteen members turned out for the weekend shoot, Friday (pm) and Saturday (all day) and Sun (pm). The seventeen members who took part in this historic post Covid 19 Lockdown weekend shoot were:

Paul Newman Steve East
Neil Moxon Mick Silver
Jim Lindsay Chris Hockley
Keith Trowbridge Ali Carnell
Chris Fopp David Calvert
Alan Robertson Chris Fitzpatrick
Matt Fray Julie Ouston
Scott Glanville Mike Jenvey
Tony Lawson

Chris Fopp

Steve East



A couple of members who did not manage to clear away all of the ‘lockdown’ cobwebs for one reason or another.





Bar Shutter System!!




The bar opened in the evenings with lots of restrictions and with a rather peculiar Bar Shutter System in place, as you can see.




This really looks difficult, perhaps I should get a bit closer!!

Mike Jenvey


This shooter had a look down the 1000x range and promptly decided it was all too difficult before going back to 300x for a shoot with a Lee Enfield.





Next Club Shoot – 31 Jul and 1 Aug

The next Club shoot will be held at Bisley on Fri 31 Jul and Sat 1 Aug. There will be morning and afternoon sessions on both days and each session will be carried out on either manual marked or electronic targets. Target space is very tight and I had to adjust the sessions on Sat to slot in with what was available. Again the sessions will all be individual practice and no on-the-point coaching. This time the Booking has been made by me as an NRA Club booking and will, therefore be available to all those who are currently signed-up and paid-up members of the Club. Attendance and payment will follow what has been tried and tested in our previous shoots this year i.e. Notification will be via the WhatsApp “RAFTRC Shoot Group”, Jim Lindsay will pay in advance to confirm the NRA booking. Costs per session will be shared between those shooting and will be paid promptly by those attending. If there is sufficient demand, extra targets will be booked subject to NRA availability.

Bisley Facilities and News

In addition to RAFSAA’s facilities coming on line, other club’s are starting to open their facilities. Please support the RAFSAA bar as your preferred choice. I know of the following places to eat: Fat Tony’s Café and the Clay’s Café. The L&MRA will be opening its facilities for food on certain days starting 1 Aug. To book RAFSAA accommodation contact Ali Carnell, the Club’s Steward. I believe the NRA Pavilion is open for accommodation and the L&MRA’s St George’s Lodge is either open or will be opening soon.

For all the latest news from the NRA visit its web site. The situation is rapidly changing and this is the best place to keep abreast of the latest information.

 Autumn Imperial Meeting – Queen’s Final Scoreboard

Note from Mike Jenvey:

“As you may be aware, the NRA has gone firm on an “autumn” Imperial Meeting in a shortened format, to be held over 12 – 19 Sep 2020.

The intent is still to have the various stages of HM The Queen’s Prize, with the Final being held on Sat 19 Sep.  I appreciate that time off work / away from families / Service requirements may prevent many RAFTRC members from attending the shoots during the week, but please may I ask that we have as many club members as possible to help out with the scoring for the Final.

I’ll try to get firm numbers nearer the time, but of course, this won’t be so easy as face to face at the Outer Inn BBQ!

If you want to let me know availability in advance, more than happy to get details:


Many thanks in advance!

Mike J


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