Royal Air Force Team to South Africa 2018


A team will be selected to tour South Africa departing on Tuesday 13 Mar on one of the direct overnight flights to Jo'burg.  There will be a day of acclimatisation on 15 Mar, before matches start on Fri 16 Mar to Saturday 24th Mar returning overnight to arrive LHR on the morning of Mon 26 Mar.  Some may wish to extend the tour with some holiday afterwards as Easter is the following weekend making a visit to Cape Town and the Garden Route or to the Kruger National Park a possibility.

Serving personnel will qualify for the RAF Sports Federation grant of £500 providing they are Lottery members with a minimum of 3 tickets and all shooting team members will qualify for the TRC grant of £500.  Thus serving personnel should budget for between £300-£400. 

If any Serving Member wishes for an official letter of invitation, please also let me know soonest. That is about all for now. If anyone has any questions, contact Chris Hockley 07986475733 (no voicemail, so send a text if there is no answer.)  

Contact with the tour manager Rupert Clark via the Secretary by 19th November is essential as flights need to be centrally booked using the RAF Sports Federation grant. 

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