RAFTRC Newsletter 04 – 2014

news 4In this Newsletter:


RAFTRC Membership – Action Now


RAFTRC Fixture – Action Now – 31 May/1 Jun – Lloyds/Hereford and Quadrangular


RAFTRC Fixture  – Action Now – 7/8 Jun  – Sat:   Total Challenge, Sun:   City/OURA. Plus: help required for post-match strawberries and fizz


Old Comrades Match Action Now RAFTRC  21 Jun


Sun 22 Jun – UAS TR Match – Your Support Required


Newcomers Day – Good Show All Round


Team to Jersey 2014


Results National and Mackinnon Matches – 17/18 May


RAFTRC Red Shooting Mats Missing – Please search though Your Equipment


Travel Authority for Serving members


NRA Certificate of Competence issued by RAFTRC


FAC Renewals


Target Rifle for Sale – Swing Mk5



RAFTRC Membership Action Now
Club Membership for 2014 is now due for renewal.  You are reminded that you must be a RAFTRC member to shoot on Club weekends and Tours. The following are members for 2014:


18-May-14 Name Serving Retrired Remarks
1 Bailey P . 1
2 Brown M W . 1
3 Bryant . 1
4 Calvert D P . 1
5 Calvert P . 1
6 Carlin F . 1
7 Carnell A H . 1
8 Cottrill D A 1
9 Cox G . 1
10 Curwen M 1 . Newcomer
11 East S J . 1
12 Fassler S L 1 .
13 Felstead J . 1
14 Fitzpatrick C . 1
15 Ford J A . 1
16 Fray M E 1
17 French H 1 Supporting Forms Required
18 Glanville S D J 1
19 Green S . 1
20 Gregory C M . 1
21 Gregory M . 1
22 Haward J A . 1
23 Hockley C J . 1
24 Hodge J . 1 Supporting Forms Required
25 Hodge K 1 Supporting Forms Required
26 Jackson E V . 1
27 James R M A . 1
28 Jenvey A . 1
29 Jenvey M . 1
30 Jones A . 1
31 Jones B J . 1
32 Joyce M D . 1
33 Kay T J . 1
34 Kettle J E . 1
35 Lawson A S . 1
36 Le Quesne K . 1
37 Lindsay J R . 1
38 Lockwood R S . 1
39 Mead M . 1
40 Mollan I 1
41 Morton C . 1
42 Moxon N P 1
43 Niblett A B . 1
44 Niblett D R . 1
45 Nott R E . 1
46 Orr O J . 1
47 Ouston J E . 1
48 Parke B J . 1
49 Preston B J 1
50 Robertsom I W . 1
51 Robertson K . 1
52 Ruddlesden D N . 1
53 Ryan K . 1
54 Silver M W . 1
55 Smith C R 1
56 Thompstone J 1 Newcomer
57 Trowbridge K R . 1
58 Turner M . 1
59 Turner P D C . 1
60 Watt D D . 1
61 Williamson S C . 1
Totals 12 49 24% Serving
Social Non-Shooting .
1 Dean J . 1
2 Le Quesne D . 1
3 Welch J . 1
Totals  .  . 3




If your name does not appear above, please renew your membership for 2014 now. The good news is that, yet again, the Club and RAFSAA membership rates remain the same. The bad news is that the NRA is increasing its charge to the Club for every member that is not an Individual Member of the NRA.  That charge is shown on the Form but is only applicable only to those who are not members of the NRA. The Club’s bank details for those paying via e-banking are shown on the form. If you are unable to find the form that was attached to the first Newsletter, please let me know and I will send you another.


If you think you have renewed your membership but your name does not appear above, contact me immediately so that I can identify and rectify the problem.


RAFTRC Fixture  – Action Now – 31 May/1 Jun


Please let the Match Sec, Karen,  karen@bang.eclipse.co.uk  know if you will be attending the Club Shooting Weekend 31 May/1 Jun.


The course of fire is:
Sat:  Empire Match v Lloyds  and Hereford & Worcester
Sun: Quadrangular Match v Army, Navy and Civil Service

If you require RAFSAA accommodation, you can request it by phoning the RAFSAA Club Steward, Margaret on 07969825057. If there is no reply DON’T leave a message, try again and if there is still no reply, email the RAFSAA Sec, Paul Upham: rafsaa@bisley21.fsnet.co.uk or phone him on 01483472306.


All the Club’s fixtures were included in the Fixture List attached to the first Newsletter. Please don’t wait for further notification from the Sec or Match Sec before sending notification of your desire to shoot to the Match Sec. Such further notification may not be forthcoming.


Note – You must be a shooting member of the RAFTRC before you can shoot.



RAFTRC Fixture – Action Now – 7/8 Jun (Total Match)


This year the Club’s prestigious “Total Challenge Match” will be held on Sat 7 Jun. This short range match is against the big Clubs fielding teams of 20. Obviously we need a good turnout of members to for the RFATRC to field a team of 20 so please put this on your priority list. To encourage you further there will be the legendary strawberry and fizz to look forward to at the end of the day.  If you can attend email our Match Sec Karen Robertson, karen@bang.eclipse.co.uk .


Request for help:  Unfortunately Iain and Karen won’t be there so they do need three or four other halves to volunteer to organise the strawberries etc. Karen will buy the stuff and get it delivered but she will need people to organise tables and prepare them on the day (if wet in the Surrey or the LMRA).  We have had Mrs Smith and Jones volunteer but could you all ask your other halves (or yourselves if not shooting) so Karen can make a plan. Reply to karen@bang.eclipse.co.uk  . Thanks.
On the Sun, we have our match against City RC and Oxford University. If you wish to shoot, email our Match Sec, Karen Robertson, karen@bang.eclipse.co.uk .


Note – You must be a shooting member of the RAFTRC before you can shoot.


Old Comrades Match 21 Jun – Action Now – (RAFSAM 20-21 Jun)


The RAFSAA Sec, Paul Upham, has issued the entry form for the TR Old Comrades Match, attached.

Please follow the instructions if you wish to shoot.


You are encouraged to stay at Bisley to help with the UAS Match – See below.


Sun 22 Jun – UAS TR Match – Your Support Required


Thanks to all those helping with the Newcomers Day which was a great success and most rewarding to coaches and shooters alik. Now we need your help on Sun 22 Jun.  This is the date set for the annual University Air Squadron TR competition. This is a high-profile sporting discipline for the UASs and to keep it running your help is required. You can help with coaching, range running and generally assisting the organizer, Neil Moxon, in whatever way he requires. This is your opportunity to give something back to the sport we all enjoy. Please contact Neil Moxon, neil.moxon@virgin.net , if you can help in any way.


Newcomers Day – Good Show All Round

Thanks to Scott Glanville for organizing and running the Newcomers Day with support from the Club’s Captain, Neil Moxon, and all the Members who volunteered their services.


It was extremely encouraging to see so many newcomers attend and without exception they showed that they had the talent to develop into valuable shooters for the RAF Team in the future.  In fact I would predict that there were a number who had the talent and skills to fight for a place in the Team this year.


The weather was ideal throughout the training period and Scott Glanville’s management ensured that maximum benefit was obtained from the training.


All Newcomers are strongly recommended to join the RAFTRC if they have not done so already.  If application forms have been mislaid, contact the Club’s Sec, Jim Lindsay by email jimlindsay@hotmail.com  and he will be pleased to supply forms and any other information required.


RAFTRC Team to Jersey 2014


Now is the time to register your interest in touring with the Club to Jersey. This is an excellent introduction to Touring Team shooting and does not require any lengthy time away from work. Departure is normally on a Friday, shoot Sat and Sun mornings and return on the Monday with time to become acquainted with Jersey’s culture and sample its excellent cuisine at the formal and informal receptions. The hospitality of Jersey’s shooters is legendary and you will see many of them at the NRA National meeting in the summer. Some are also members of the RAFTRC.


To register your interest, email Chris Hockley, seejay.hockley@virgin.net . The dates for this year’s tour are 19-22 Sep inclusive. Grants help subsidise costs and serving personnel can also claim for travel using normal service travel procedures.


RAFTRC Results  –17/18 May – National and Mackinnon


After a morning practicing with RG ammunition at 300/500/600x, our Captain was able to issue RWS ammunition for the National Match in the afternoon.  He had some tough choices to make on team selection as a number of newcomers managed to stay on following their training days and they were all demonstrating tremendous improvements after just a few days of tuition. Congratulations went out to James Thompstone and Nick Canning on their selection to the Team of 20.  The weather was perfect for shooting – dry, very warm and sunny with a light wind and readable mirage /flags. After agreement from the Team Captains the National Conditions were modified to allow an extra sighter at each range giving 2ss+7 @ 300/500/600x. Only the RAFTRC, Scotland and English XX were able to raise teams of 20 for the Match, so it was decided that there would be a Teams of 20 Match for RAFTRC v Scotland and English XX, and a Teams of 12 Match for RAFTRC v Ireland and Wales.



National Teams of 20:

1st English XX      2074.289             John Warburton/Emma Nuttall 105.17 (equal score at all ranges!)

2nd Scotland        2058.236             Bruce Logan 105.12

3rd RAFTRC          2014.198             Steve East 105.14 (counting out Matt Fray @ 600x) (coach Ruddles)

Teams of 12:

1st Ireland            1234.146             C Johnston 105.16

2nd RAFTRC          1234.145             Steve East 105.14

3rd Wales             1211.118             Paul Waldren 104.12

Other team of 12 scores:

English XX            1255.188

Scotland              1244.155


Full results attached.


On Sun the sun was still shining and after a morning practicing at long range it was newcomer, Matt Curwen, who joined newcomer James Thompstone in the afternoon’s Makinnon Match. The tail wind was constantly changing its angle but the coaches did a good job and distance didn’t bother the new shooters in the slightest.  James Thompstone scored 48.3/44.4 Total 92.7 and Matt Curwen scored 45.0/45.1 Total 90.1 .  With three of our shooters scoring 96, Steve East was counted out on V-bulls and Iain Robertson was counted out at 1000x leaving Scott Glanville to claim the honour of top scorer and pick up the prize when announced back at the Clubhouse where all enjoyed tea after a brilliant day shooting.



1st English XX      1141.120             Dave Crispin 99.9

2nd Scotland        1139.92               Andy Brooker 98.13

3rd Ireland            1111.85               Gary Alexander 97.8

4th RAFTRC          1107.82               Scott Glanville 96.9

5th Wales             1106.68               Ollie Russell 97.08


Full results attached


RAFTRC Red Shooting Mats Missing – Please search though Your Equipment


Last year it all the red shooting mats belonging to the Club went missing. Although a couple have now been found the majority are still unaccounted for. It was thought that the NRA may have borrowed some for a hospitality day but last weekend Mick Silver and Scott Glanville conducted an extensive search of the NRA’s property container and they were definitely not there.  It is therefore assumed that the remaining mats are still with members or former member’s personal equipment.  This is not a witch hunt; we just need to account for where the Club’s equipment is. Please check your equipment once again and if you have a club red shooting mat, inform Mick Silver, michaelsilver43@msn.com  , or phone/text him on 07946430078 . Thank you.


Travel Authority for Serving members


Serving members requiring authority to travel to shoot at Club fixtures should ensure they have renewed their membership this year and contact Neil Moxon, neil.moxon@virgin.net .


NRA Certificate of Competence issued by RAFTRC


If your Certificate of Competence is issued by the RAFTRC and requires renewal, ensure that your Club Membership has been renewed and contact the Club Chairman, Clive Smith, who controls the issue of cards. Clive’s email is: clive_smith1@hotmail.com  .


FAC Renewals


The Club’s designated official for renewal of FACs is Iain Robertson. Iain’s contact details are:

Email: iain@bang.eclipse.co.uk

Tel: 01483797777 ext 154

Address: 1 Victoria Row, Bisley Camp, Woking, Surrey, GU24 0NY


Target Rifle for Sale – Swing Mk 5


A friend of Karen Robertson is selling a Mark 5 Swing – if interested let Karen know and she will put you in touch with him.  Details:

“Comes with Rightsight mounted on bespoke (Bloomfield) mounting point that allows you to seamlessly interchange it with an RPA ladder foresight, which is also included. Good Tracker rear sight, iris with far too many filters to choose from, recent RPA trigger, spare firing pin, lovely stock with adjustable cheek piece and anschutz buttplate, good Krieger 1:13 barrel. As good as it gets, really, for a Swing. Looking for about £1500”





J R Lindsay



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