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RAFTRC Membership – Action Now


RAFSAM TR (Serving)– Action Now – 20/21 Jun – Fri range prizes, Sat RAF TR Champ


RAFSAM (Old Comrades)  – Action Now – 21 Jun  – Sat:   Short Range and Long Range


UAS TR Match – Sun 22 Jun – Action Now Your Support Required


Team to Jersey 2014


Results Lloyds Bank, Quadrangular – 31 May / 1 Jun


Results Total Challenge, City, OURC – 7/8 Jun


RAFTRC Red Shooting Mats Missing – Please search though Your Equipment


Travel Authority for Serving members


NRA Certificate of Competence issued by RAFTRC


FAC Renewals


RAFSAA AGM – 1830 Tue 1 Jul – Calling Notice – Take Note/Action


Shooting Taster Day – Fri 3 Oct


Missing Keys – Gallery Rifle Locker


Polite Notice – Empty Cases Container


RAFTRC Membership Action Now
Club Membership for 2014 is now due for renewal.  You are reminded that you must be a RAFTRC member to shoot on Club weekends and Tours. The following are members for 2014:


18-May-14 Name Serving Retrired Remarks
1 Bailey P . 1
2 Brown M W . 1
3 Bryant . 1
4 Calvert D P . 1
5 Calvert P . 1
6 Carlin F . 1
7 Carnell A H . 1
8 Clark R J S G . 1
9 Cottrill D A 1 .
10 Cox G . 1
11 Curwen M 1
12 East S J . 1
13 Fassler S L 1
14 Felstead J . 1
15 Fitzpatrick C . 1
16 Ford J A . 1
17 Fray M E 1
18 French H 1
19 Glanville S D J 1
20 Golaszewski H . 1
21 Green S . 1
22 Gregory C M . 1
23 Gregory M . 1
24 Haward J A . 1
25 Hockley C J . 1
26 Hodge J . 1 Supporting Forms Required
27 Hodge K 1 Supporting Forms Required
28 Jackson E V . 1
29 James R M A . 1
30 Jenvey A . 1
31 Jenvey M . 1
32 Jones A . 1
33 Jones B J . 1
34 Joyce M D . 1
35 Kay T J . 1
36 Kettle J E . 1
37 Lawson A S . 1
38 Le Quesne K . 1
39 Lindsay J R . 1
40 Lockwood R S . 1
41 Mead M . 1
42 Mollan I 1
43 Morton C . 1
44 Morton S J . 1
45 Moxon N P 1
46 Niblett A B . 1
47 Niblett D R . 1
48 Nott R E . 1
49 Orr O J . 1
50 Ouston J E . 1
51 Parke B J . 1
52 Preston B J 1
53 Purdom R . 1
54 Robertson A . 1
55 Robertsom I W . 1
56 Robertson K . 1
57 Ruddlesden D N . 1
58 Ryan K . 1
59 Silver M W . 1
60 Smith C R 1
61 Steele-Benny C 1
62 Thompstone J 1
63 Trowbridge K R . 1
64 Turner M . 1
65 Turner P D C . 1
66 Watt D D . 1
67 Williamson S C . 1
Totals 13 54
Social Non-Shooting
1 Dean J . 1
2 Le Quesne D . 1
3 Welch J . 1
Totals  . 3



If your name does not appear above, please renew your membership for 2014 now. The good news is that, yet again, the Club and RAFSAA membership rates remain the same. The bad news is that the NRA is increasing its charge to the Club for every member that is not an Individual Member of the NRA.  That charge is shown on the Form but is only applicable only to those who are not members of the NRA. The Club’s bank details for those paying via e-banking are shown on the form. If you are unable to find the form that was attached to the first Newsletter, please let me know and I will send you another.


If you think you have renewed your membership but your name does not appear above, contact me immediately so that I can identify and rectify the problem.


RAFSAM TR (Serving)– Action Now – 20/21 Jun – Fri range prizes, Sat RAF TR Champ


If you are serving and plan to enter the RAFSAM TR matches, contact the RAFSAA Sec, Paul Upham rafsaa@bisley21.fsnet.co.uk , or Neil Moxon, neil.moxon@virgin.net , immediately.


RAFSAM (Old Comrades)  – Action Now – 21 Jun  – Sat:   Short Range and Long Range


The RAFSAA Sec, Paul Upham, has issued the entry form for the TR Old Comrades Match, attached.

Please follow the instructions if you wish to shoot.


You are encouraged to stay at Bisley to help with the UAS Match – See below.


UAS TR Match – Sun 22 Jun – Action Now – Your Support Required


We  need your help on Sun 22 Jun.  This is the date set for the annual University Air Squadron TR competition. It is a high-profile sporting discipline for the UASs and to keep it running your help is required. You can help with coaching, range running and generally assisting the organizer, Neil Moxon, in whatever way he requires. This is your opportunity to give something back to the sport we all enjoy. Please contact Neil Moxon, neil.moxon@virgin.net , if you can help in any way.


RAFTRC Team to Jersey 2014

Now is the time to register your interest in touring with the Club to Jersey. This is an excellent introduction to Touring Team shooting and does not require any lengthy time away from work. Departure is normally on a Friday, shoot Sat and Sun mornings and return on the Monday with time to become acquainted with Jersey’s culture and sample its excellent cuisine at the formal and informal receptions. The hospitality of Jersey’s shooters is legendary and you will see many of them at the NRA National meeting in the summer. Some are also members of the RAFTRC.


To register your interest, email Chris Hockley, seejay.hockley@virgin.net . The dates for this year’s tour are 19-22 Sep inclusive. Grants help subsidise costs and serving personnel can also claim for travel using normal service travel procedures.


Results – Lloyds Bank – Quadrangular – 31 May / 1 Jun


On Sat we shot an Empire teams of five Match against the Lloyds Bank Team and emerged victorious.


1st           RAFTRC A            936.90                  Mick Silver           194.25

2nd          Lloyds Bank         895.65                  A Maples             192.12

3rd          RAFTRC B            883.46                  Jon Ford               187.15

4th          RAFTRC C            828.39                  Dave Niblett       183.14


Sunday fortunes changes in the Quadrangular Match against the Army TSC, Navy TRC and Civil Service SC. Empire teams of 8.


1st           Civil Service SC   1539.160             Ian Davidson       199.23

2nd          Army TSC             1526.142             Alex Gill 199.29

3rd          Navy TRC             1494.121             C.  Dickenson      196.16

4th          RAFTRC                1475.124             Neil Moxon         191.24


Full results are attached.


Results Total Challenge – City, OURC – 7/8 Jun


The Total Challenge Match held on Sat is traditionally a match with Teams of 30 form the RAFTRC, L&M RA and Surrey RC shooting Queens 1 conditions at 300x, 500x and 600x.  This year the greatest challenge was for the Clubs trying to raise 30 shooters and in the end it was agreed that the team size would be reduced to 20 with a hope that the situation would improve next year. After a wet practice in the morning conditions changed completely for the afternoon when the Match was shot in brilliant sunshine.  After several recounts the 1st place was decided by a count out on V-bulls!  It was a thoroughly enjoyable match with an equally enjoyable après-shoot of strawberries and fizz beautifully presented on the range by Jan and Dion Jones, Justin Jenvey, Pauline Smith and Emma Steele-Benny. Shooters showed their gratitude with a loud cheer for them at the prizegiving.


1st           L&M RA               1960.192             M Martell            103.12

2nd          Surrey RC             1960.140            E Nuttall              105.9

3rd          RAFTRC                1942.142             J Lindsay              103.12


Full results attached.


On Sun the fine sunny weather continued and we had an Empire teams of 7 match against the City RC and Oxford University RC.  The RAFTRC shot mainly in pairs which worked well in the morning but at long range the wind changes were breathtaking and the opposition’s coached shooters were struggling much the same as our self coached shooters.  Showing everyone how it should be done, Clive Smith had a singleton string shoot and wasted no time in identifying a constant spell in the wind and a good marker to put in a 48/47. If only he could have shot as well at short range when the conditions were easier!


1st              City RC                1286.103             R Gardiner           190.15

2nd          RAFTRC                1261.085             Clive Smith          187.12

3rd          OURC                   1192.66               A Brooker            184.13


Full results attached.


RAFTRC Red Shooting Mats Missing – Please search though Your Equipment


Last year it all the red shooting mats belonging to the Club went missing. Although a couple have now been found the majority are still unaccounted for. It was thought that the NRA may have borrowed some for a hospitality day but last weekend Mick Silver and Scott Glanville conducted an extensive search of the NRA’s property container and they were definitely not there.  It is therefore assumed that the remaining mats are still with members or former member’s personal equipment.  This is not a witch hunt; we just need to account for where the Club’s equipment is. Please check your equipment once again and if you have a club red shooting mat, inform Mick Silver, michaelsilver43@msn.com  , or phone/text him on 07946430078 . Thank you.


Travel Authority for Serving members


Serving members requiring authority to travel to shoot at Club fixtures should ensure they have renewed their membership this year and contact Neil Moxon, neil.moxon@virgin.net .


NRA Certificate of Competence issued by RAFTRC


If your Certificate of Competence is issued by the RAFTRC and requires renewal, ensure that your Club Membership has been renewed and contact the Club Chairman, Clive Smith, who controls the issue of cards. Clive’s email is: clive_smith1@hotmail.com  .


FAC Renewals


The Club’s designated official for renewal of FACs is Iain Robertson. Iain’s contact details are:

Email: iain@bang.eclipse.co.uk

Tel: 01483797777 ext 154

Address: 1 Victoria Row, Bisley Camp, Woking, Surrey, GU24 0NY


RAFSAA AGM – 1830 Tue 1 Jul – Calling Notice


The RAFSAA AGM will be held in the RAFSAA Clubhouse at 1830 on Tue 1 Jul 2014. The Calling Notice and Agenda are attached.



Shooting Taster Day – Fri 3 Oct


Chris Hockley is laying on what he is calling a Shooting Taster Day on Friday the 3rd Oct. This will have a similar programme of shooting and hosting to our main hospitality days but with some slight adjustments to keep some costs down a little. We will be using a bit of subsidy to entice genuine enquiries and guests to try out the day for next year. So the deal will be £99 per head for the full day including 3 course buffet lunch and shooting 4 or 5 disciplines throughout the day. The fee, however, will be refunded against a future booking plus there will be the award of one free place to a future booking in 2015 providing a minimum of 12 guests are booked and paid for. I hope this would be a good way of attracting new groups for next year. If we offer it free there is no incentive to turn up on the day.  For further details contact Chris Hockley seejay.hockley@virgin.net .


Missing Keys – Gallery Rifle Locker


A set of keys for the Gallery Rifle locker in the Armoury is missing. If you have a set or know where keys are, please contact Chris Hockley seejay.hockley@virgin.net .


Polite Notice – Empty Cases Container


It has been pointed out that members are treating the Empty Cases container as a waste bin for used ammo boxes. This makes the job of checking that no live rounds have been discarded alongside used ones and the task of pouring the empty cases into sacks at the end of the day much more difficult. Please keep your empty ammo boxes with you until you find a rubbish bin in which they can be suitably discarded. Thank you.









J R Lindsay



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