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RAFTRC Membership – Action Now


RAF Friendly International Match – Action Now


Results – RAFSAM TR (Serving)


Results – RAFSAM (Old Comrades)


UAS TR Match – Sun 22 Jun – Thanks for Your Support


RAFTRC Shooting Weekend – 6/7 Sep – Action Now


Team to Jersey 19-22 Sep 2014– Action Now


NRA Certificate of Competence issued by RAFTRC


FAC Renewals


Shooting Taster Day – Fri 3 Oct


RAFTRC Membership Action Now
Club Membership for 2014 is now due for renewal.  You are reminded that you must be a RAFTRC member to shoot on Club weekends and Tours. The following are members for 2014:


18-May-14 Name Serving Retired Remarks
1 Bailey P . 1
2 Brown M W . 1
3 Bryant . 1
4 Calvert D P . 1
5 Calvert P . 1
6 Carlin F . 1
7 Carnell A H . 1
8 Clark R J S G . 1
9 Cottrill D A 1
10 Cox G . 1
11 Curwen M 1
. Downes M . 1 UAS Probation
12 East S J . 1
13 Fassler S L 1
14 Felstead J . 1
15 Fitzpatrick C . 1
16 Ford J A 1
17 Fray M E 1
18 French H 1
19 Glanville S D J 1
20 Golaszewski H . 1
21 Green S . 1
22 Gregory C M . 1
23 Gregory M . 1
24 Haward J A . 1
. Higson R . 1 UAS Probation
25 Hockley C J . 1
26 Hodge J . 1 Supporting Forms Required
27 Hodge K 1 . Supporting Forms Required
28 Jackson E V . 1
29 James R M A . 1
30 Jenvey A . 1
31 Jenvey M . 1
32 Jones A . 1
33 Jones B J . 1
34 Joyce M D . 1
35 Kay T J . 1
36 Kettle J E . 1
37 Lawson A S . 1
38 Le Quesne K . 1
39 Lindsay J R . 1
40 Lockwood R S . 1
41 Mead M . 1
42 Mollan I 1
43 Morgan G W . 1
44 Morton C . 1
45 Morton S J . 1
46 Moxon N P 1
47 Niblett A B . 1
48 Niblett D R . 1
49 Nott R E . 1
50 Orr O J . 1
51 Ouston J E . 1
52 Parke B J . 1
53 Preston B J 1
54 Purdom R . 1
55 Robertson A . 1
56 Robertsom I W . 1
57 Robertson K . 1
58 Ruddlesden D N . 1
59 Ryan K . 1
60 Silver M W . 1
61 Smith C R 1
62 Steele-Benny C 1
63 Thompstone J 1
64 Trowbridge K R . 1
65 Turner M . 1
66 Turner P D C . 1
67 Watt D D . 1
68 Williamson S C . 1
Totals 13 57
Social Non-Shooting
1 Dean J . 1
2 Le Quesne D . 1
3 Welch J . 1
Totals  . 3



If your name does not appear above, please renew your membership for 2014 now. The good news is that, yet again, the Club and RAFSAA membership rates remain the same. The bad news is that the NRA is increasing its charge to the Club for every member that is not an Individual Member of the NRA.  That charge is shown on the Form but is only applicable only to those who are not members of the NRA. The Club’s bank details for those paying via e-banking are shown on the form. If you are unable to find the form that was attached to the first Newsletter, please let me know and I will send you another.


If you think you have renewed your membership but your name does not appear above, contact me immediately so that I can identify and rectify the problem.


RAF Friendly International Match – Wed  9 Jul – Action Now


If you wish to shoot or help with the running of the Annual RAF Friendly International Match, please contact our Club Captain and Match Organizer, Neil Moxon, now. Email: neil.moxon@virgin.net  .


Results – RAFSAM TR (Serving)


The Royal Air Force TR Champion for 2014 is Neil Moxon with a champions score of 192.12 which was 7 points and 7 V-bulls clear of Clive Smith who was second. The Grand Aggregate was also won by Neil Moxon with a score of 385.45. The Young Officers and Airmen’s Match and the Tyro Match were won by Dean Cottrill with a score of 178.12 . The Short Range Match was won by Clive Smith with a score of 99.14 and the Long Range Match was won by Scott Glanville with a score of 96.11 . RAF Waddington with a score of 187.12 won the Station Pairs Match.  Full results are attached.


Results – RAFSAM (Retired)


Chris Fitzpatrick won both the Retired Members and Old Comrades matches with a score of 190.15 which was 6 points and 1 V-bull ahead of Mick silver. Full results are attached.



UAS TR Match – Thanks for Your Support


There was an excellent turnout of volunteers to help with the UAS TR Match. The Club Captain, Neil Moxon, RAFSAA Sec, Paul Upham, and all the UAS competitors thank you for making it such an excellent competition.


RAFTRC Shooting Weekend – 6/7 Sep – Action Now


Those wishing to shoot in our next regular Club Shooting Weekend should contact the Match Sec, Karen Robertson,  karen@bang.eclipse.co.uk  at least a week before the shoot.


RAFTRC Team to Jersey 19-22 Sep 2014 – Action Now

Now is the time to register your interest in touring with the Club to Jersey. This is an excellent introduction to Touring Team shooting and does not require any lengthy time away from work. Departure is normally on a Friday, shoot Sat and Sun mornings and return on the Monday with time to become acquainted with Jersey’s culture and sample its excellent cuisine at the formal and informal receptions. The hospitality of Jersey’s shooters is legendary and you will see many of them at the NRA National meeting in the summer. Some are also members of the RAFTRC.


To register your interest, email Chris Hockley, seejay.hockley@virgin.net . The dates for this year’s tour are 19-22 Sep inclusive. Grants help subsidise costs and serving personnel can also claim for travel using normal service travel procedures.


Travel Authority for Serving members


Serving members requiring authority to travel to shoot at Club fixtures should ensure they have renewed their membership this year and contact Neil Moxon, neil.moxon@virgin.net .


NRA Certificate of Competence issued by RAFTRC


If your Certificate of Competence is issued by the RAFTRC and requires renewal, ensure that your Club Membership has been renewed and contact the Club Chairman, Clive Smith, who controls the issue of cards. Clive’s email is: clive_smith1@hotmail.com  .


FAC Renewals


The Club’s designated official for renewal of FACs is Iain Robertson. Iain’s contact details are:

Email: iain@bang.eclipse.co.uk

Tel: 01483797777 ext 154

Address: 1 Victoria Row, Bisley Camp, Woking, Surrey, GU24 0NY


Shooting Taster Day – Fri 3 Oct


Chris Hockley is laying on what he is calling a Shooting Taster Day on Friday the 3rd Oct. This will have a similar programme of shooting and hosting to our main hospitality days but with some slight adjustments to keep some costs down a little. We will be using a bit of subsidy to entice genuine enquiries and guests to try out the day for next year. So the deal will be £99 per head for the full day including 3 course buffet lunch and shooting 4 or 5 disciplines throughout the day. The fee, however, will be refunded against a future booking plus there will be the award of one free place to a future booking in 2015 providing a minimum of 12 guests are booked and paid for. It is  hoped that this will attract new groups for next year. If we offer it free there is no incentive to turn up on the day.  For further details contact Chris Hockley seejay.hockley@virgin.net .








J R Lindsay



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