news 9RAFTRC NEWSLETTER 09 – 2014

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RAFTRC USA Tour 2016

RAFTRC Jersey 2015 Tour

RAFTRC Trust Fund Document Update

RAFTRC Annual Dinner –

Thanks RAFTRC Web Site Update

RAF Sports Board Lottery Update

RAFTRC Guest Days

RAF TRC USA Tour 2016 – Action Now Chris Fitzpatrick has carried out some research on the Club’s behalf with a view to holding a major TRC shooting tour to the USA in 2016. An initial letter outlining his thoughts and findings is attached. Although Chris has done this work we are ever mindful that a serving member may wish volunteer to manage this tour and have something positive to include in their annual report. It may make all the difference when Promotion Board sits! If this is something that appeals to you, please let the Sec, jimlindsay@hotmail.com , know. If there are no volunteers, the Club will ask Chris Fitzpatrick to continue with organizing the Tour.

RAF TRC Jersey Tour 2015 – Action Now The Club is currently looking for a manager for its annual tour to Jersey in Sep 2015. This is a short tour and there is plenty of past experience within the Club to draw upon. Volunteers are requested to contact the Sec, jimlindsay@hotmail.com, and offer their services.

RAFTRC Trust Fund Document Update The Club’s Trust Fund document was last updated in 1992. To cater for current operating structures within the Club, it is being updated with a view to publishing it next year. It is also a timely reminder to members about the reasons that we have the TRC Trust account and the attached draft document explains this in some detail. In summary it provides a way that you might consider to leave your shooting equipment and rifles for the benefit of our Club and its development and support of the Inter-Service team. A simple codicil to your will enables your loved ones to easily handle the transfer of rifles and equipment with the minimum of hassle and worry. Please consider this and take the necessary action. Funds in the Trust are regularly used to support our serving members with a financial loan to build up their own personal shooting equipment including a rifle. Draft Trust Fund Document 

Club Dinner Sat 18 Oct 2014– Thanks The Club ‘s annual dinner was held at the RAFSAA Clubhouse, Bisley, on the evening of Sat 18 Oct. We thank Scott Glanville for organizing this fine event for the Club and I am pleased to say that all went well with plenty of fine food, drink and company for everyone.

RAFTRC Web Site Update Thanks to Frank Carlin, Ian Mollan and Scott Glanville, the interim version of the Club’s updated Web site should be going live early in the New Year.

RAF Sports Board Update The RAF’s Sports Lottery is taking a breather while the systems upon which it runs are updated. It is expected to resume in the autumn 2015. Current subscribers should have been notified by the Sports Board. A letter with the details is attached. The Club has received substantial financial assistance from the Lottery Fund in the past and it is hoped that when it resumes many of you will subscribe to it, especially if you are thinking of taking part in an overseas shooting tour with the RAFTRC.

RAFTRC Guest Days The Club has a number of Guest Days planned and some already booked this year. Some will be shared with the GB Vets team who have sourced the clients and we will of course benefit fully in subsequent years if we deliver our usual fantastic day. Our days are successful due to the enthusiasm and friendly approach of our coaches so if you are able to help with coaching please let Chris Hockley know at guestdays@raftrc.org .  The coaching fee has been agreed to rise to £100pp for everyone to take account of those with longer journeys and the cost of petrol. Dates already booked are: 28-29 May and 4-5 June and 1-2 October. More are hoped to be added.   Guest Day 2015 Calendar

Happy New Year On behalf of the Club’s Chairman and Committee, I wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you again in 2015.


J R Lindsay Sec RAFTRC

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