Did you know that the RAFTRC gets over £1000 towards targets and marker fees form the RAF Sports Lottery each year?  In addition, our newcomers and younger serving members, get heavily subsidised weekend shooting fees and we are able to run a four-day newcomers course for free? Not only that but the Lottery has funded new rifles and new barrels and new clothing over the years.  It really has been adding the icing to our TR sport! 

RAFSAA as a whole has been allocated over £15K in 2018 but this level of funding is severely threatened for 2019 and beyond.

This is because following the re-launch of the Lottery, there is a significant shortfall in support for the Lottery to maintain these levels of support to RAFSAA. Let’s not review why that is, but one significant aspect is that you have to make a conscious effort to sign up now for a Direct Debit at

The Lottery needs another 15,000 members to be in play by June this year otherwise our level of support will be cut significantly.  Whilst retired members do not get the Overseas Visit grant anymore, please consider re-joining the Lottery merely to help protect RAFSAA’s level of grant from the Lottery.  You never know you may share in the weekly prize-fund

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